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Restaurants love and prefer us more as we build relationships as partners and not just another aggregator. Consumers love us more as they see real value for money ordering on Yumzy from their loved restaurants!


Restaurant + Yumzy = Value for money



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We help restaurants by giving them the freedom they need and in return, they favor us by giving the value customer needs. That's why Yumzy creates a win-win scenario for everyone.


Best Price

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Safe & Hygenic

"I have always been a regular foodie, and cannot have a week without ordering food online. My only regret has been why I didn’t download Yumzy much earlier than I did. I would have saved so much, made my restaurant happier that I order from them, and got the real value that I did not get from other food delivery companies. I genuinely recommend Yumzy for sure!!! "

- Durga

We ensure the highest safety standards for our riders and also have surprise checks on them to ensure the quality of service is maintained 100%. Apart from our awesome delivery service, in these pandemic times, we strive for minimum contact delivery. Thereby, creating a safe environment for our riders and customers alike. / +91- 9100753330

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