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What is Yumzy?

Yumzy is an intuitive platform providing an ecosystem to three marketplaces i.e. Partner Restaurants, Delivery Partners and Consumers. Yumzy partners with the best restaurants in town and is increasing Restaurant partnerships consistently. We on-board committed delivery partners who fulfil delivery requirements persistently. Further, costs which are incurred are passed on to either restaurants or consumers.

What is the difference between Yumzy and other food aggregators?

Yumzy is a platform which provides a systematic ecosystem enabling Restaurants to have complete autonomy and independence. Yumzy helps restaurants by providing a fair and transparent platform without relying on page rankings or consumer feedback. Moreover, we have incorporated a Restaurant-Driven & Consumer Engagement Approach in our ecosystem.

Why should you invest in the food aggregation model where no player is making money?

By thriving on unit metrics and key learnings from the mistakes of biggest players who have saturated without being cash positive, Yumzy is creating a paradigm shift in the Food Aggregation Model. Please get in touch with us to know how Yumzy makes money!

What brought Laalsa to get into the food aggregation business model with Yumzy?

Being in the F&B Domain for 4 years helped Laalsa be sympathetic to the pain points of Restaurants. Building a trustful relationship with Restaurants was simpler for us since we understood the complexities and cons of being in this market space. Further, we were approached by certain Restaurants to run a pilot enabling us to understand the intricacies and provide comprehensive solutions.

How is Yumzy going to give the competition to giants with huge cash burn?

Yumzy is leveraging the Consumer-Engagement Model to facilitate consumer stickiness. We have an edge over other players since our Model is Restaurant-Driven encouraging Restaurants to have a vested interest in generating orders from Yumzy. Our thorough Restaurant-Driven Consumer-Engagement model plays a pivotal role in user acquisition, helping us sail smooth through this competitive market.

How is Yumzy helping restaurants?

Yumzy confers a holistic platform upon Restaurants. From Order Placement to Order Fulfilment, Yumzy provides a unique & intuitive dashboard to Restaurant Partners. Moreover, the team helps Restaurants with reliable insights and analytics allowing Restaurants take well informed decisions.

What is the plan of customer acquisition with Yumzy?

Yumzy has curated many different plans for customer acquisition. The customer hook is created at various stages so we’re not reinventing the wheel, just replacing an old one with a better one. Please feel free to get in touch with us to know more.

Is the food aggregator model ever going to work?

Yes, absolutely. We’ve been seeing this model work well provided we follow the lean model and transparency consistently. The model fails when aggregators burn money in the name of customer acquisition and retention. It’s time to reap the benefits of the pre-existing habit loop and capitalize on the opportunity. The way Yumzy makes it work is by using advanced analytics and AI engines to identify consumer behaviour. Our AI-driven approach enables to take well informed decisions and drive users to the page which interests them the most.

How are the operational challenges being handled?

Yumzy has spent a lot of time and effort in automating several processes. This helps us to address the operational challenges, moreover we have identified the right team which used to handle the operations of UberEats. The acquisition of UberEats by Zomato has actually been a blessing in disguise, for us at least! Yes, Yumzy has partnered with leading players in the Hyperlocal Delivery domain and also has its own fleet. We ensure order fulfilment at lowest cost since we’re leveraging the existing network to fill the gaps using ours. Our decision making is automated on the basis of demand and supply gap. We’d be happy to share more information with you on the same.

Is Yumzy having its own delivery fleet?

Yes, Yumzy has partnered with leading players in hyperlocal delivery and also has its own fleet. We ensure the order fulfillment with least cost as we leverage the existing network and fill the gaps using ours. All the decision making is automated based on demand and supply gap. Please reach out for more information.

How can Yumzy guarantee the control of delivery with having limited burn in its own fleet?

With the help of advanced data science and analytics we have the capability of fleet management and gauge the demand and supply gap. This insight enables us to guarantee the control of delivery with a limited burn. Further, creating our own delivery rider marketplace has enabled us to cross-utilize riders thereby bringing the cost of delivery down.

Is Yumzy burning money in giving discounts like other players in the market?

Yumzy does not burn investor money in the name of customer engagement, in fact it uses the dynamic methods to identify the customer and shows the right offerings. Yumzy links the promotion of the restaurant with the right customer on the basis of the data and insights it has gathered over the period.

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